Behind The Screen...

Nithyasree comes from a well-knit and closely attached family.She is a very homely person and loves to spend her leisure only with the family.she says that she is graced with a caring and sharing family.


Nithya has not been much with her maternal grand-parents but she has a lot of memories to cherished of her paternal grand-parents Easwaran and Pattama


Nithya's relationship with her mom is different as she is not only her near and dear mom but also her revered teacher.


Nithya calls herself fortunate to have him as he is totally encouraging and critically analyses and corrects her.He is always beside her,even in concerts as her mirudangam accompaniment.


Nithya attributes a major portion of her success to her husband and calls him her back-bone.She calls herself blessed to have such an understanding and caring person to share her life with.


She considers them as her own parents and feels very encouraging and loving.Her
mother(-in-law) is always by her side and helps her out with her recording and concerts.She has a sister cum friend (none other than Jayashree whom you might have seen playing tambur on TV) in the form of her sister-in-law. She has her own sister by name Gayathri who also maintains the family tradition by singing.She has an brother(In Law) by name Omprakash,a Computer Engineer who is also interested in music.