Name : Nithyasree Mahadevan (Nithya)

Qualification : B.Com

Date of Birth: August 25 th 1973

Sun-Sign : Virgo

Birth-Star : Pushya

Nithyasree is not only blessed with heavenly music but she is also previleged enough to be born in "Thiruvayyaru", the seat of Carnatic Music




Unforgettable Days in her Life

10 th october 1988- Nithya's maiden performance in Music Academy

14 th July 1992 - The day when the great critic NMN gave his last review for Nithya's concert.

21st May 1996 - Singing for American Audience at New Mexico

18 th May 1996 - When her husband first listen to her concert

Her Views on Life

Nithyasree feels proud to be an Indian.She feels happy about being a part of this country's rich culture and heritage and also likes the loving and affectionate people here.

She also feels life is too wonderful to be spent worrying.

According to her "Everone in this world should live with concrete and purposeful targets and should work towards achieving the same "

She strongly believes that "Service to humanity is service to God"

She says that "HUMILITY" is the most important quality of any artiste and all praises and compliments from fans should reach their hearts and not head.